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~ A digital transcription service based in San Diego… serving the nation! ~

Perfect Touch Transcription is one of the top transcription companies based in San Diego, working with clients all over the United States. All work is completed by our highly-skilled staff of transcribers. We do not outsource. All our transcriptionists are located in the United States.

Perfect Touch will meet your deadlines. We do not charge different rates for quick turnarounds. If we have spare capacity or we can manage our workflow to provide a faster transcript, let us do it for you at no extra charge! We have very competitive rates.

In the digital age, we can set you up with a login and password to our secure FTP site and you can download your files from there, and we return your transcribed files to you quicker than ever. Your transcript will be sent to you via email as a Microsoft Word document. It is just that easy!

For more information about our services, please email us by clicking one of our “Contact Us” forms, or you may phone us at (619) 459-4582.

~ If it can be recorded, we can transcribe it! ~

Pre-Doctoral Thesis Interviews Media Product Police Interviews Focus Groups
Human Resource Interviews Conference Calls Panel Discussions Ph.D. Qualitative Interviews
Research Seminars Church Sermons Recorded Statements
Lectures Podcasts Webinars Motivational Presentations

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